The pandemic pressured health executives to prioritize digital innovation

The innovation effects of Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic exposed weaknesses and accelerated the need for digital innovation across industries. The healthcare industry was no exception. 

In fact, healthcare turned out to be one of the most exposed industries of all—think of the lack of telemedicine and digital patient records (especially in Germany) during times of nationwide lockdowns, and the rapidly growing need for remote doctor consultations.

Without question, the pandemic proved that the time for more digital innovation in the broader MedTech scene is now! 

Increasing pressure to innovate

And the pressures on healthcare executives to deliver on this front are growing by the day. According to data from CB Insights, mentions of both “digital transformation” in mainstream news outlets and “patient experience” in healthcare companies’ earnings calls skyrocketed during the pandemic and continue on the same trajectory post-pandemic.

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